Castor Oil for Hair Loss

Castor Oil For Hair LossIn addition to being known to use castor oil for hair loss, it can be also used for the treatment of skin and be with it on the composition of essential oils. These compounds effectively fight the mimic wrinkles, soften dry skin and apply for sensitive skin.

Castor oil for hair, you can use, putting it not only directly on the scalp, but also strengthening eyelashes. For these purposes, you can create a small jar with a comfortable neck and a special brush, which can be downloaded from the mascara and thoroughly cleaned before using for the application of oil on the lashes.

Oil is applied to cleaned from mascara lashes, preferably before bedtime. The use of castor oil for hair is complicated by the fact that oil has a light, but not all pleasant smell. In addition, it is unlike other natural vegetable oils is hard enough to wash off. Sometimes you may need repeated washing with shampoo. But the effect is worth it!

A little advise for those if your hair drop out while applied. Get a comb. Dentate. First, brush your hair properly, then comb hair back smoothly, deep a comb in the oil and scrub like you want to make a haircut like Trinity from The Matrix :) Like a head massage. The result will be a sleek ponytail, and a hair leaves the head!

And a quite damaged hair cut better. Really does not restore! They will spoil the new hair that will grow. Checked on myself! Eventually still have them cut off. Be sure to massage oil before applying! Simply massage, strongly pressing, fast.

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