Does biotin help hair growth?

My secret is the rapid growth of hair! Now how does biotin helps hair growth?

Hi again, I used to think that hair growth is due to genetics, which I just tried to reproach their growth (expensive ampoules, masks, balms, teas ..), but hair only become stronger, no longer split and almost passed fall.

But to accelerate the growth of hair can be, I have a monthly increase of 2 cm (measured), what I did:

I have taken every day for 2 months

  • a ZINC (1 tab. In the morning),
  • an calcium (1 tab.dnem)
  • and a teaspoon of Biotin in night.

Then, after 2 months I saw a week of beta-carotene and then a week on a teaspoon of cod liver oil at night, then 2 weeks of liquid vitamins A + E in capsules (a capsule a day). During the two months before washing the head, I rubbed almond oil into the roots, and after shampooing + conditioner (and I have my 2-3 times a week), I rinse hair or some water from the cooked rice, or a decoction of burdock root, nettle (strong concentration).

So now the hair is growing on the head very quickly and it’s not an illusion, girls try my individual course (it has appointed me to Dr. D. in New York Hospital). Let’s share the results!

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