must read. Horse Shampoo For Human hair!!


horse shampoo for human hairhorse shampoo for human hair


Rofling on the floor, but… There is a nugget of truth in what they says.


Horse Shampoo For Human stories.

Already a month my head horse shampoo. The result exceeded all expectations! Highly recommended. Already after the third application will not find a single hair on your pillow after sleep. By the way, they are different. With the pitch  – Restores. Does anyone take psoriasis? Get a shampoo which says “dandruff”. It is rich in zinc.

I used horse shampoo with propolis and tar. Helped me a lot! hair has become thicker, not splits, not drop out! and shine funky. How I tried shampoos and throw money out, no words. ‘Vichy’ buying, not just shampoo and conditioner tablets and capsules… it’s like flogging a dead horse. Lol! And here it is a super horse shampoo, nothing you say so, that’s funny.

Someone laughs, but someone with a chic hair, walks around… So, think about it!

[box type=”warning”] Here is why do people use it?[/box]

More Horse Shampoo For Human stories:

Shampoo for horses is remarkable for its naturalness. Horses can not be washed with regular shampoo, because they clog the pores of them. Am at the stables. And so I also have this shampoo. Only my hair bleached, and therefore agree with the opinion that it dries. True if it is used in the coupe with a mask, for example Gliss Kur or Elseve, it is even nothing. Only now the fallout is not known whether the help.

My mother once bought food for cats in a pet shop. Well, while standing in line noticed that one woman bought this shampoo. Asked the vendor … who said that he was very well taken. Well, my mother bought. And of course the curiosity I went through … wash time to time this shampoo when I want to better clean the hair and scalp. does not dilute it, and so quite liquid. Good shampoo, thoroughly washed your hair, not very tangled. Hair soft and shiny. Well of course after I use the balm. My hair is bleached, the roots of the fat, the ends (about 10 cm) dry. In general, no miracle has not yet noticed, but nothing bad I can not say.

And I have my head with shampoo for cats and dogs. The results are impressive! Hair shiny, silky and fleas and lice helps! In general, the double effect! Try it, you will not regret!

Recently tried. I loved it! Hair is very beautiful! Shiny, thick and bulky and look healthy. Shampoo saved me from having to styling every morning. Of course, use it as a daily shampoo can not in any case, otherwise the hair will only get worse. I wash on Saturday and then take balm. Balm only enhances the effect. But no need to rub it into the roots! Only the tips of the hair. So, girls, I recommend!

At first nothing much to notice. After the second and third wash was terribly itchy head, is simply intolerable. Has thrown away. I understood that horses have a different PH, and their hair is greasy. Suitability shampoo dries, because and glitter and pomp at the beginning, but with prolonged use, dries hair.


Experience in the use was not, I only buy shampoos for people, but in the “Habitat” program, said that after shampooing your hair grow in volume and look good, but over time from such a depleted and shampoo your hair can stay without a shag!

It is absolutely contraindicated in those who have dry hair, this shampoo because it is itself the hair dries. There concentration, hoo) you know, a dose of horse))) As one girl said, “This shampoo used in Hollywood only to wash his head a ton of gel and hairspray, because human shampoos are not master.

There was a whole channel, and a number of articles in the media and the Internet about the dangers of creepy for a man, this is a huge mistake, and that it helps a lot of human hair, and is the only commercial producers of course! and all wilt! so do not try to use it! may be severely compromised the results until the lethal …. make your conclusions!

From personal experience of using the shampoo on horses – say that the horse shampoos sooo different.

In addition, about hypoallergenic and naturally – it’s complete nonsense, of chemistry in them, no less, can only flavors are not as strong. A sulphate etc – its enough.

Also – compare the living conditions of youself and a horse. A horse wash with a maximum 10 times per year, while the sweat in training, every day. That is, a means must be very well cleaned and degreased as for example the fairy.

Humans hair is thin and scalp, it will dry at times. Therefore, the hair and are bulky for some time and not get dirty. But dandruff and brittle hair may appear.

Girls, take care of your health. To have good hair vitamin drink and enjoy beauty parlor.

If you interested – Does biotin help hair grows?

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