Sulphate free shampoo. Don’t be fooled

You know what, if the shampoo does not contain sulphate, it will not simply mylitsya and wash. If you do not put sulphate, put another not less pernicious rubbish. Fully organic sulphate free shampoo – it is the yolk. Very affordable and friendly. why no one is watching to it? (no, actually it will be! in Indian khadi shampoos such as the composition of a soap nut! Kinda naturalĀ  product. The Indians even wash their clothes! Ecologically, economically and washes! In a bag of nuts and pour 10 nuts! That’s it!) I try homemade shampoos. made of two proteins whipped into foam strike on 10 minutes, cleans well, but since bleached hair, this blend them very dry. yesterday made ??a shampoo: yolk + yogurt = super cleans and moisturizes. Otherwise try for the sulphate free shampoo.

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